SB 700 is a comprehensive tool for performing electro functional testing in ophthalmological diagnosis. It allows the execution of non-invasive and objective, clinical exams, independent on the ability of the patient. Designed to perform innovative test for screening and follow-up of major eye diseases such as glaucoma, ARMD "Age Related Macular Degeneration", and many other diseases related to the optic nerve. In cataract and in the posterior segment surgery is a valuable predictive tool for the monitoring of visual function before or after surgery. Thanks to Its possibility to perform objective tests not dependent on the patient cooperation, SB700 is widely used also in forensic medicine.

Main features:

• PERG (Pattern Electroretinogram) allows to evaluate the functionality and possible anomalies of retinal ganglion cells.
• ERG (Electroretinogram) for diagnosis of many hereditary degenerative retinal diseases, retinal vascular, diabetes, and drug toxicity or nutritional deficiencies affecting the function of the retina.
• VEP (Visual Evoked Potential) for diagnosis of neuro-ophthalmologic diseases of optic disc, macula and central visual cortex. Also used for diagnosis in cases of media opacities, pediatric diagnosis and forensic medicine.
• EOG (Electrooculogram) for the diagnosis of retinal pigment epithelium and hereditary degenerative retinal diseases.
• Multifocal Tests ERG, VEP and PERG. They are objective tests that allow you to record bioelectric activity of hundreds of small retinal areas and their correlation to the visual cortex, simultaneously in less than five minutes per eye.

SB700 Advanced Plus also includes the innovative "Total Length binary sequence M-Real-time" up to 82 of visual angle from 7 to 241 visual stimuli, located in the retina.