The ophtalmometer Sbisà 'SB 500 performs high precision measurements of the corneal curvature radius, the corneal refractive power and corneal astigmatism.
The instrument performs the measurement over a wide area of the cornea (3.4 mm) and It’s equipped with illuminated reading scale graduated with TABO system.

Main features:

• The use of perfectly corrected optical systems allows a high quality of observation and a great versatility of the instrument.
• The Javal mires are equipped with complementary red and green filters that provide a white color to the parts that overlap, allowing a precise approach and greater accuracy of measurement.
• The base, with orthogonal movements, has a new type of Joystick for simultaneous control of the instrument movements.
• The functions and diagnostic capabilities of SB 500 are developed with the collaboration of professionals in the field of ophthalmology and contactology.